All you need to know about silicone sex dolls

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Despite these many advantages of tpe sex dolls, a number of people still prefer to use a silicone sex doll because of the following advantages:

  • The main advantage of using silicone sex doll over tpe is low maintenance. No doubt that the material is costlier than the tpe but there is almost zero maintenance you need to carry it. Silicone sex dollsare not at all sticky and hence many people feel more real experience while using it.
  • Another main benefit of using silicone-based sex dolls is they do not get affected in heat, water or even any kind of stain. There might be some stain in the body while carrying it but it can be cleaned easily. You can use alcohol too for cleaning out the product.
  • You can even take the sex dolls to washrooms as there are resistant to water and heat both, and hence it can give you more pleasure of all kind.
  • You don’t need to worry about any kind of allergy after using the sex dolls as it is also hypo allergic just like tpe sex dolls.
  • Silicone sex dolls can offer you a better experience of sex as it has more realistic vaginal and anal parts. You can feel the difference for sure because silicone one can give you more pleasure and real feeling.

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Which one to choose: silicone or tpe?

It really depends on the person because both types of material have their own pros and cons. You can make use of all the points and then decide what will work for you. Silicone sex dolls will be easy to maintain where you don’t have to put much effort to carry it but you have to compromise on some aspects like the product will be a bit hard compare to the tpe one. Tpe is known for its softness and stretch capacity but it will cost you moremaintenance. So you can try out both the products and then make your decision or you can read some more reviews and then make your choice. One thing is for sure that your problem will be sorted in both the case because if you have already decided to get a sex doll then you are never going to regret the decision. It will help you to make your night more interesting and fun. There are different platforms available where you can get a different variety of sex dolls so do not wait and hesitate, get a sex doll and have fun.