What is the cost of a sex doll?

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The cost may vary according to the size of the doll, the customization that you have asked for and the seller or retailer, but approximately the cost can go as high as $5000 or $6000 for a few. Also, if the sex doll is based on an actress or a pornstar, the price may be about $10000. Different websites offer them at reasonable prices during the sale season, make you keep checking them from time to time.

How to have access to sex dolls?

Different websites and apps are recommended to order or purchase your favourite sex dolls from. The services offered by them are exceptional, namely:

  • You can customize the shape, size, features and ethnicities of the sex doll according to your needs.
  • The dolls can be delivered to your place without any hassle with just one click.
  • You can return or exchange your doll if you don’t find it comforting as per the policies of the company.
  • With fine quality skin and flesh, you won’t be able to recognize whether it’s a real person or real sex doll.
  • You can get it delivered within one or two weeks, and in the case of customized dolls, the delivery may take about four weeks.

After reviewing and comparing different sellers, you can make the right choice.

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Before you buy, read the Pros and Cons!

Just like every coin has two sides, so does every situation has.


  • The sex dolls can help you reinvent your or spice up your sex life to a great extent.
  • They can boost up your self-confidence and self-esteem, helping you become better than before.
  • You won’t have to worry about STD or pregnancy after masturbating with your sex doll.
  • It can improve blood circulation in the body, making you feel healthy!
  • It gives the comfort of having someone by your side, feeling as if it is real.


  • Since it is not a real person, you may be ashamed of showing her to your friends or family.
  • Sexual pleasure doesn’t come cheap, buying and maintaining a sex doll requires a lot of money.
  • Different websites or apps may be a fraud and would just want to eat up your money.
  • They require as much space as a normal person does and sometimes, storing them becomes a difficult task. Also, it said by the companies to keep them in a hanging position for long term efficiency. Also, there are cardboard boxes required for storing them.

Whether they are elf self dollsor any other sex dolls, people using them can get addicted to them and quite often feel their sentiments attached to them. At times, they sculpt a sex doll resembling their old love and fuck them for real! Most countries love sex dolls, while some of them are strictly against it. The fear of someone looking at you with your doll, may at times be too embarrassing and can lead to adverse situations. But, at the end of the hour, if you are happy and contented with what you have, you should let go of what others think and enjoy your sexual life, as everyone deserves peace and happiness in this life!